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Camera 11: A New Hope

August 11, 2008 by admin

St Marys Balham
St Mary’s Balham, originally taken by Matthew Black, and the view from The Nightingale – location of today’s camera drop-off.

I sent out Camera 11 today. With the first ten cameras, we’ve pretty much ‘left’ them out in the open for people to pick up, and of the ones i’ve checked for, they’ve all disappeared. Now either they’ve been removed and binned, or been taken care of by someone lovely who just hasn’t contacted us yet. Whilst this approach is the purist method, for the next ten or so cameras, I’m going to try a slightly different tack, and see which format seems to work best (I have my suspicions!).

Today’s camera was handed to Chris T. whilst I was meeting up with him for a coffee in Balham (you may have figured out by now where I live). I explained the concept of the project: take a few pictures, then pass it on; but added this: “When you pass it on, explain what to do, and most importantly, mention the website”. I’m hoping this word-of-mouth explanation of visiting the website when you’re given a camera will help increase the response rate.

I’m going to do this for a few cameras and see if we get quicker returns or even just a mail to say someone gave them a camera. Whilst I love the idea of not seeing a camera for a year, and then it turning up, the cynic in me can’t help thinking they’ve just been lost forever – but this project isn’t about quick turnaround or immediate gratification. I must curb my impatience!

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