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Camera Status

July 13, 2008 by admin

If you follow the project, you’ll know the place to keep up to date with the cameras is the Camera Tracker page. This lists, both on a map and textually, the cameras in the wild and their known ‘status’. The more eagle eyed of you may have spotted that two of the camera’s status changed recently, from UNKNOWN to PICKEDUP. This is not anyone letting me know that they’ve found a camera, however, when i’ve returned to the site of the camera, and it is no longer there – I’m classing that as picked up. Now, this maybe ‘PICKEDUP and thrown in a bin, or removed and destroyed due to security legislation’, but PICKEDUP nevertheless. When the cameras are found, and I know about it, their status will be one of the following:

UNKNOWN – a camera has been dropped off, but I haven’t heard any more about it’s status yet
PICKEDUP - the camera has been picked up or removed from its dropoff location
FOUND – i’ve received a message telling me that someone found the camera for the first time
FOUND(n) – where n is the known number of pictures taken
RETURNED – the camera is on its way back to me for developing
PUBLISHED – the images are developed and online for viewing.

I think we’re a way off anything more than PICKEDUP right now, but hopefully we’ll see some FOUNDs in the next few months.

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