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In the wild…

April 12, 2008 by admin

First two camera bags ready, originally uploaded by webponce.

So, even before I had my bacon sandwich this morning (don’t worry, i’ve had it now) I was up and out buying freezer bags for the cameras, making up the bags, and taking them out into the wild. The project has officially begun!

Whilst I was making the bags, I realised that the cameras may/will get seperated from the instruction cards – so i’ve made up little stickers for the cameras too. i might need to think more about that.

The first two, I was a bit chicken, so handed them to people rather than leaving them completely in the street/park etc. Part of this is to see what environments are more receptive to the idea. I’ll create a new page on the site which helps track which cameras have been left where, and if I’ve heard back about them.

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