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Camera 441: Released on live television on KMVT, in Twin Falls, Idaho

  • mail

    Apr 12th, 2012 found by Tiffany T

    Location: Cancun, Mexico

    Camera 441 found on a flight from Salt Lake City, now heading towards Cancun

    Tiffany T says :

    I was on a flight from Salt Lake City and found camera #441 and took it with me to Cancun. Attached is a pic of the camera. Thanks, Tiffany

  • Mar 26th, 2012 found by Brenda P

    Location: Twin Falls, Idaho, USA

    Found again in Twin Falls, Idaho

    Brenda P says :

    Found this camera in the parking lot of Fred Meyers. Took s few shots of associates on the inside and then passed it off to my daughter and her friends

  • Feb 20th, 2012 released by Owen R

    Location: KMVT Studios, Twin Falls, Idaho, USA

    Released on live television on KMVT, in Twin Falls, Idaho

    Owen R says :

    Released on live television, on the Geekin’ Out slot, by Owen. Check out the show at Youtube

Camera Data

3504 days
~2177 miles
Countries Visited
Mexico USA

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