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Camera 400: Left on top of a newspaper dispenser in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

  • May 3rd, 2012 arrived by Josh

    Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

    Dropped off on a pillar at the corner of Broad St and Marconi in Columbus, Ohio

    Josh says :

    Dropped the camera off last night on a pillar at the corner of Broad St and Marconi downtown. It’s at the edge of a busy bridge and Battelle Riverside Park. I’m sure one of the many people walking/running/biking past there every day will have picked it up by now.

  • Travelled via

    Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

    More updates with Josh

    Josh says :

    Took me a while to do this, but I’ve taken two more pictures with the camera, and am in the process of finding a good place to drop it off again.

    First, a very main freeway near my place of work has had a decent chunk completely taken out of it. Right in front of my building, what used to be a 4~6 lane freeway bridging over the road is now completely open, with concrete sides containing an ever-increasing pile of dirt. This pile of dirt stood in a perfect pile on on side, about as tall as the 3 story building in which I’m employed, so on my evening commute I attempted to take a picture that showed the scale of the pile.

    The last picture I took was just of something simple and entertaining, a sign saying something about the White Castle corporate office or headquarters or something. Considering the only White Castle restaurant I now of around here was just torn down, I thought this was an interesting find.

    I just this morning dropped my roommate off at the airport to go to Las Vegas. Yesterday I had seen the camera on my desk and thought it’d be a great idea to send it with her, make this camera travel. Unfortunately, she wasn’t checking any luggage, and I didn’t want to risk her having to take it through the scanner, nor hassle with taking it out to be inspected, and couldn’t remember if the film would be damaged or not, so I decided not to risk it.

    Unfortunately it’s not traveling to Vegas now, but since it’s now on my mind I’ll attempt to lay it somewhere on campus this week.

  • Jan 6th, 2012 found by Josh

    Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

    Found in the original drop location, and taken on with Josh

    Josh says :

    Just found camera 400 yesterday on a newspaper dispensor right outside the Half-Price Books on Lane Ave in Columbus, OH. I’ve already taken a picture of a few muffins my girlfriend made and arranged – the only entertaining thing I’ve thought of so far. Will take one or two more once I find some inspiration, then pass it along. Saw someone else, probably with this same camera, has gotten pictures of an OSU building, so I’ll find something else entertaining or creative.

  • camera

    Jan 5th, 2012 released by Alex L

    Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

    Left on top of a newspaper dispenser in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

    Alex L says :

    I dropped the camera outside of the Half Price Books located at 1375 W Lane Ave, Columbus, Ohio. There’s usually a lot of *ahem* interesting people shopping so i thought it would get picked up and taken seriously there. I left it on top of a newspaper dispenser.

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