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Camera 371: Sent to Kat H. as one of the Kodak 50. Currently in London, UK, and sent on within London, and then on to Essex.

  • Jan 30th, 2012 found by Chris W

    Location: EC3A, London, England

    Passed on again, and this time back to London, as part of the Gizmodo chain.

    Chris W says :

    Hello – found camera 371 today, got passed on as part of the Gizmodo UK disposable memory project. I’m based next to the Gherkin in London, EC3A, there are some lovely views round here so will pick my one shot carefully before sending it on!

  • Jan 18th, 2012 found by Darrell J

    Location: Westcliff on sea, Essex, England

    Found after being passed the camera as part of the Gizmodo chain.

    Darrell J says :

    My Name is Darrell Jones and I have been passed the camera by Ed as part of a chain of readers. I intend to take only one picture (to increase the camera’s longevity) and pass it on to the next Giz reader (whoever that is).

  • Dec 22nd, 2011 found by Ed B

    Location: Great Marlborough Street, London, England

    Received from Gizmodo UK, in central London

    Ed B says :

    I was sent the camera by Gizmodo UK and I’m planning to take a couple of snaps of things I notice on my way to and from work everyday but never bother to record, and then send it on to another Gizmodo UK reader!

  • Nov 11th, 2011 found by Kat H.

    Location: Gizmodo UK, Marylebone , London, England

    Sent to Kat H. as one of the Kodak 50. Currently in London, UK.

    Kat H. says :

    It was sent to me by Kodak, to my Marylebone office. I’ll snap a pic and then send it on its memory way this weekend — just you wait and see where it ends up!

  • Nov 7th, 2011 released by The Project

    Location: Disposable Memory Project HQ

    Sent to Kat H. as part of the Kodak 50

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3635 days
~45 miles
Countries Visited

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