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Camera 353: Handed over in Cheshire by Suzanne B and finished after a journey through the US.

  • Nov 8th, 2011 finished by Ellerie W

    Location: Delaplane, Virginia, USA

    Travelled to Delaplane

    Ellerie W says :

    Hello, my dear dear contributors to the spontaneous art world!

    This is Ellerie here, e-mailing you from a wicker chair in Delaplane, Va (though, this is hardly where the journey began for camera MZ1163). This past summer of mine was spent in a state of constant travel. I’d never visited the West Coast and decided it was about time.

    After a fulfilling journey from southern Washington to San Francisco. After my first hectic days in the city, I arrived in a calm section of the bay area, coming to settle in the North Beach park with my cello, kitten named Rumi, and pack. As is my habit, I spied what I considered to be a piece of trash under a tree and went to pick it up and dispose of it. But there was text. And there you were!

    To my excitement, there were only a few pictures remaining on the camera, which means that I’ll be sending this to you as soon as I can. The cam ended up traveling with me from San Francisco down to Burning Man where its last couple pictures were expended.

    However! It was not I who took them! I had gone to the festival during build week to help set up a psycho-therapeutic teahouse for people who were either having bad trips or who simply enjoyed tea. Being that I had to leave before the true festivities began, I left the cam in the care of my dear friend Fritz.

    Just this morning I received a package from him – a tidy box filled with crepe paper and an object at the bottom wrapped in a swatch of tangerine silk; it was the camera. So! After such an adventure, I would like to relay the little memory machine to you wonderful folk!

  • Travelled via

    Location: Burning Man Festival, Nevada, USA

    Travelled via Burning Man

  • Travelled via

    Location: San Francisco, USA

    Travelled via San Francisco

  • Travelled via

    Location: Canada

    Travelled via Canada

  • Aug 1st, 2011 released by Suzanne B

    Location: Cheshire, England

    Handed over in Cheshire by Suzanne B

    Suzanne B says :

    Handed over in Cheshire and has travelled to San Francisco via Canada. It was last seen on a park bench in San Fran waiting to be picked up by someone..

Camera Data

3776 days
~7645 miles
Countries Visited
USA Canada England

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