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Camera 352: Released in Woolwich, London by Clarence C and taken on to Cardiff, then Ibiza

  • Aug 6th, 2011 found by The Project

    Location: Ibiza, Spain

    Taken to Ibiza

  • Jul 30th, 2011 found by Emma J

    Location: Cardiff, Wales

    Travelled from London to Cardiff

    Emma J says :

    My friend gave me the camera as he knew that I was going to Cardiff last weekend so would be able to take it outside of England! I have now passed this camera on to my spanish flatmate who has just gone on holiday to Ibiza so that the journey can continue!! I love this idea and I hope that the pictures created are as cool as the idea!

  • Jul 29th, 2011 released by Clarence C

    Location: Lutyens Restaurant, Fleet Street, London, England

    Handed over to Emma J at Lutyens Restaurant, Fleet street, London

  • Jul 2nd, 2011 released by Clarence C

    Location: Woolwich, London, England

    Released in Woolwich, London by Clarence C

    Clarence C says :

    I am here to inform you that I released the project on the 2nd July, 2011, in Woolwich, London.

    Then I handed over my camera to my friend call Emma J, at the Lutyens restaurant, Fleet street, London, UK (29th July, 2011)

    I handed over the Camera to Emma coz I met her through our internship and she told me that she is goin to Wales, I think it will be interesting to give her the camera and do some photographing in Wales.

Camera Data

3763 days
~1036 miles
Countries Visited
Spain Wales England

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