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Camera 171: Released in Prague by Maria-Venetia K, and already picked up.

  • Jun 29th, 2009 released by Maria-Venetia K.

    Location: Hotel Prague, Mala Strana, Prague, Czech Republic

    Created and released in Prague, Czech Republic by Maria-Venetia

    Maria-Venetia K. says :

    I released the camera yesterday, Mon 29th June, in Prague, Czech Republic, in the internet cafe of a hotel in Mala Strana, just opposite the steps leading to the funicular and Petrin Hill.

    The internet desk has two computers and I left it at 23:00 at night on the left hand side one (on your left as you go towards the desk).

    It was gone by next morning, hopefully someone picked it up (instead of the cleaning stuff binning it).

Camera Data

4539 days
~0 miles
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Czech Republic

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