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Camera 17: Handed over to Lu F in London

  • Travelled via

    Location: San Diego, California, USA

    Taken to San Diego

  • Travelled via

    Location: Cambridge, England

    Taken to Cambridge

  • Travelled via

    Location: London, England

    Taken to London

  • Apr 1st, 2013 found by Kathleen B

    Location: Carlsbad, California, USA

    Taken on to Carlsbad, CA

    Kathleen B says :

    Hi I found camera #17 in Carlsbad, California…..I took it to London, England……..Cambridge, England & back to San Diego!

  • Sep 9th, 2008 released by Boris from Dopplr

    Location: Portal, Clerkenwell, London, England

    Handed to Lu F in Portal on St Johns Rd.

Camera Data

4789 days
~10931 miles
Countries Visited
USA England

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