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Camera 120: Handed over to Dominika at a bar in the Village, Manhattan by Andrew G.

  • May 9th, 2009 found by Dominika

    Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA

    Taken on to Brooklyn by Dominika, after being handed over in Manhattan by Andrew G.

  • May 8th, 2009 released by Andrew G.

    Location: Mars, The Village, Manhattan, USA

    Handed over to Dominika by Andrew G. whilst in the Village, Manhattan, New York.

    Andrew G. says :

    Passed on the second camera to a Polish friend Dominika, who’s a student living in Brooklyn.
    On a night out we’d stopped at one of the few old dive bars left in the Village, called Mars.
    I took her photo at the bar over a beer and passed it to her.
    After that we moved on to other bars and margaritas. She took some snaps and put it in her bag saying she liked the idea and would send it back to you.
    Mind you we were pretty drunk by that stage and were saying all sorts of things.

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